Thursday, July 31, 2014

#hashtag: HA:TFELT(핫펠트) "Ain't Nobody"

OVEN RADIO Ep.5: SISTAR(씨스타) Sunshine

SunnyHill(써니힐) "Once in Summer" MV


Red Velvet (레드벨벳) "Happiness" MV

Jessica and Krystal Image Madness: Lapalette 2014

Secret (시크릿) "I'm In Love" Teaser Images Part 2

Happy Birthday Tiffany !!!

This August 1st Girls' Generation's Tiffany (Stephanie Hwang - Hwang Mi Young) is celebrating her 25th Birthday !

BESTie(베스티) "Hot Baby" Dance Practice

Disbandings goes on; Ara and Yoonjo leave Hello Venus.

According to a Tricell Media's announcement Ara and Yoonjo leave Hello Venus.

The Fantagio girls Alice, Nara, Lime and Yooyoung will continue in Hello Venus, but Pledis girls Ara and Yoonjo will go on with solo activities not revealed yet.

Fantagio and Pledis joined forces to create Hello Venus back in 2012 but due to "agencies desicion" the girls will continue activies with their respective agencies only from now on.

Thinking again this is not a big deal. All girls in Hello Venus are talented and can go on in solo or as a group (the 4 that left). Besides, its more than a year since the last Hello Venus single album, this news sure shocked the fans, but to be honest the group was so inactive that this news didnt shock so many fans really.

Good luck to the girls under Pledis and I hope we can see a new Hello Venus minialbum before the year ends. Im not worry about the depertures, im worry about a new release.

Fiestar(피에스타) Image Madness: FIPA Photos Part 3

AOA to Debut in Japan with "Mini Skirt" single.

Was just announced that girl group AOA will make their official japanese debut in October 1st with the single "Mini Skirt", one of the sexiest AOA's songs.

KARA "Day & Night" Group Image Teaser

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

OVEN RADIO Ep.4: SISTAR(씨스타) But I Love U

4Minute's Hyuna "RED" (BTS: Photoshoot)

BESTie(베스티) Image Madness: Selfies Part 2

Ladies' Code "Kiss Kiss" Comeback Image Teaser and date

According to the site My Daily, girl group Ladies' Code will make a comeback the next August 7th with the album "Kiss Kiss".

This new single album will present funny and funky songs with a retro feeling concept. The first MV teaser will be available on August 1st (KST) 

@STAR1 Magazine August 2014: Euaerin, Woo ri, U-Ji, Ga Eun, Jei.

Happy Birthday Lizzy !!!

This July 31th After School's Lizzy (Park Soo Young) is celebrating her 22th Birthday !

Happy Birthday Jiyul !!!

This July 30th Dal★Shabet's Ji Yul (Lee Ji Yool) celebrated her 24th Birthday !

Four Ladies-4L(포엘) Image Madness: Selfies

Ye Seul(예슬)


Ja Young(자영)


Four Ladies(포엘) "Move" Team Dance & Ja Young Teasers

TaeTiSeo Image Madness: Osen