Monday, May 26, 2014

Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha Image Madness: Men’s Health June 2014

FIRE (feat 엠타이슨) its the new cheering song from WASSUP for Brazil 2014

Has been announced that Wa$$up's new song "Fire" its an special cheering song for the upcoming Brazil World Cup 2014.
The song its produced by reggae singer M. Tyson (엠타이슨), the same producer of  Caribbean Dream and Booby Trap. "Fire" is a powerful song with addictive melody and lyrics. So far we only have the release date, May 29th and the first promo picture. 

"Fire" will be followed for a new Wa$$up album. 

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Jessica & Krystal D-8 Teaser

WASSUP is on Fire. Planning a Comeback?

A misterious message and image teaser has been posted on WASSUP's Official Facebook page this morning. The date: May 29th 12:00 (KST) .

No more details for now. Could be a comeback, digital single or just an special event, CF or collaboration of some kind. We have to wait to see what "Fire" its all about.

Here is a new collaboration of  WASSUP: We are the Champs  By Champs ft.  WASSUP.