Thursday, September 18, 2014

Girl's Day(걸스데이) Image Madness: Selfies Part 7

LABOUM (라붐) "Pit a Pat" Recording Session

BESTie(베스티) Image Madness: Selfies Part 16

BESTie (베스티) Image Madness: Cheongdam-dong Beauty Salon

Yet another Solo Comeback: SECRET's Ji Eun

According to SECRET's Ji Eun will make a Solo comeback soon, right after the promotion of "Im in Live" is finished.

Accordint to TS Entertainment this new single will be a stronger and darker song, compared to her previews releases. Also announced that the lyrics won't be "conventional" and will talk about the difficulties of love through social prejudice and preconceptions.

Date release September 24th.

Happy Together - Long Legs, Short Legs Special. SNSD's Sunny (2014.09.18)

Miss A's Suzy Image Madness: CeCi Magazine October 2014 Part 2

2NE's1 CL Image Madness: Elle Magazine October 2014

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[WASSUP Diary] EP.2 Nari's Cam

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MINX (밍스) (MINX - "Why Did You Come To My Home?" Full MV

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