Thursday, February 12, 2015

Girl's Day(걸스데이) : Selfies Part 29

Hitmakers girl group project "Chamsonyeo " (Indeed a Girl) Teaser Video

New special girl group "Chamsonyeo " (Indeed a Girl) with; G.NA, After School's Lizzy, 4Minute's Sohyun and KARA's Youngji.

The full MV will be released on February 20th.

A.KOR (에이코어) Happy Valentine Day

G-FRIEND(여자친구) : Selfies Part 18

Hellovenus (헬로비너스) : Selfies Part 90

SONAMOO(소나무) 1st Mini Album 'Deja Vu' Behind Story

K-Poppin' - Tahiti (타히티) "Phone Number" (Jazz Remix Ver.)

Year 7 Class 1 (7학년1반) : Blasting Part 2

4TEN(포텐) : Selfies Part 34

Crayon Pop(크레용팝) : Selfies Part 5

LABOUM (라붐) "Laboum Time 8:28" Episode 5

AMBER (엠버) "SHAKE THAT BRASS (Feat. Taeyeon) Full MV