Monday, April 14, 2014

Just 1 Minute and 1 Second; Jiyeon's "1Min 1Sec" Teasers coming today.

Today April 15th another teaser of upcoming Jiyeon's Debut single "1분 1초" 1Min 1Sec will be released.
Just as the title of the single the video teaser its 1 minute and 1 secong long. The teaser will be released at 7:00 pm (KST).

Another teaser will be released on April 16th.

Happy Birthday Namjoo!!!

This April 15th (KST) A Pink's Namjoo its celebrating her 19th birthday.


Hello Venus : Selfies

And remember, Hello Venus second anniversary its coming, next May 10th!

Do you have an IPhone? New App Tara-Holic Beta version for iOS its abailable now. Tara-Holic its available for ANDROID and iOS now. Download them in the official page.

Are you a follower already? G.NA opens her Official Facebook page.

This April 14th talented and sexy G.NA joined Facebook. Give her a Like on her offcial Facebook page and join her in her new social network.

FIESTAR comeback; Music Video Spoiler

This time we have a teaser image of new Music Video. Again if this new image reach more than 1000 Likes FIESTAR will release a new image spoiler.