Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Twice (#트와이스) : TWICE TV "What is Love?" EP.07

Dreamcatcher(#드림캐쳐) : "YOU AND I" MV Teaser

MARMELLO(#마르멜로) : "Moonlight" Official Teaser

(G)I-DLE (#(여자)아이들) : (G)I-DLE-I-TALK EP2 Behind Photoshoot SINGAPORE (Part 2)

CocoSori (#코코소리) : Sori's Vlog - Gimme On Up - Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj

Pungdeng-E (#풍뎅이) : Pungdeng-E HISTORY No.98

New Girl group NeonPunch(#네온펀치) to debut soon.

A100 new girl group NeonPunch(네온펀치) will be releasing its debut Album in June.

Produce48 First Performance Soon.

Produce48 96 trainne girls will perform PICK ME for the first time this May 10th

G-FRIEND(#여자친구) : High Cut Vol. 221