Friday, March 6, 2015

Minx Play - Professionalism

After School's Nana : "Mad for Garlic" CF (Must see!)

Jessica Jung : Li-Ning Part 4

Yet another Comeback (?) : Year 7 Class 1(7학년1반)

Looks like another rookie group is in the way for a comeback. 7 members girl group Year 7 Class 1(7학년1반) uploaded a few teasers with #s Album, comeback and Jacket.

Just lets wait and see. Also the first Year 7 Class 1's anniversary is coming soon, March 11th.

Happy Birthday Dami !!!

This March 7th MINX's Dami (Kim Young Chae) is celebrating her 19th Birthday !

BESTie (베스티) : Selfies Part 68

Lovelyz (러블리즈) : Selfies Part 33

LABOUM (라붐) : Secret Recording Part 4

4TEN(포텐) : Selfies Part 41

SWITCH (스위치) : Selfies Part 55

9Muses (나인뮤지스) : "Drama" Part 9