Monday, June 30, 2014

TINY-G_ ICE BABY Teaser (J.MIN Ver.)

KARA Project Round 5: So Jin Win

The result of Round 5 of  KARA Project are here and the Top3 battle continues.

The first place goes to So Jin. Taking the lead for second time she leaves behind the other Top3 girls Young Ji and So Min. This week So Jin got almost... almost a total perfect score.  She convinced the judges this time and got an impressive perfect score with them. Also got a perfect score with Live votes. So Jin impressed all in the 5th episode's live performance. 

In second place we have Young Ji. Improved one spot this time thanks to the Global votes again, and that will be probably the "winner card" for her. Young Ji its with no doubt the "Global favorite", and with the new voting system for the final round, Young Ji have a great opportunity to grab a place in KARA.

And in the thirth place we have a So Min. One of the judges favorites, this girl changed places every week, but never left the Top3. Another solid contestant.

The final round will start in just a matter of hours from now. With the new voting system for the last round (50% Judges - 50% Global), its even more clear which girls have an opportunity to win a spot in KARA.

My two cents:

As I can see, and with the new voting system, Young Ji and So Min have the best possibilities to enter KARA. Both girls have the support of the judges and most of the fans. Also have the charm and talent necessaries for KARA (as rookies of course).

But... So Jin proved the last two weeks that she have the necessary to give us a surprise. So Jin can surprise us with an epic "Photo Finish".

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This June 30th girl group Miss A is celebrating their 4th Anniversary !!!

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