Sunday, October 23, 2016

FlaShe (플래쉬) : Selfies Part 323

LADIES' CODE(레이디스 코드) : Selfies Part 125

TWICE(트와이스) : "TT" Full MV

TWICE(트와이스) : "TT" MV Impressions.

As a Twice fan I'm quite satisfied with this release. Twice delivers once again one of the most funny and creative MV this year. It's really fun to watch "TT" and it's impossible not to smile in some point of the video, depends who is your favorite member.
The way they performed their part was great. Mina and Tzuyu concept images are my favorites.
About the song, well, it's not so impressive at first. But have a couple of good points. First, it sounds different from their previews single titles. That's a very good point because the group still sound fresh, good job JYP. Second, this song may not sound very impressive now, but I think it has the potential to grow little by little.
Mini album previews sounds quite good, I will listen to the full mini album soon, I have high expectations on it.

If you are a "Once" (Twice Fan) or just a kpop fans who likes good and funny MVs you will enjoy "TT".

Twice did it again, they had a great comeback.

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