Friday, April 4, 2014

Will A Pink become Sexy in the future?

On a recent enterview, the girls of A Pink were questioned about trying Sexy Concept in the future. As you know 2013 was full of Sexy Concepts, that style was quite popular with the girls groups that year.

Now Daily Sports asked the girls of A Pink about the possibility to try a Sexy Concept in the future.

They answered that more than try a sexy image they will try different styles in the future, based in the performance of each single or Album. Na Eun commented that A Pink's fans are very "concervative" and could fell a little akward with a sexy image.

So what do you think? A Pink fans are really concervative?
Are you agree with A Pink in this?

Anyway, looks like Sexy Concepts are not concidered for A Pink in the near future.

Aegyo still the trend so far this year.


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