Sunday, August 18, 2019

ITZY(#있지) : Selfies 30

Happy Birthday Bona !!!

This August 19th COSMIC GIRLS' Bona (Kim JiYeon) is celebrating her 25th Birthday ! (Int. 24th)

Happy Birthday Yerin & Umji !!!

This August 19th G-FRIEND's Yerin (Jung Ye Rin) and maknae Umji (Kim Ye Won) are celebrating their 24th (Int 23rd) and 22nd (Int. 21st) birthday respectively !

A Pink's OH HAYOUNG : Don't Make Me Laugh Dance Spoiler

Dreamcatcher(#드림캐쳐) : "The Beginning Of The End" Teaser Image

Red Velvet (#레드벨벳) :"The ReVe Festival Day 2" Teaser Image

Happy Birthday Solbin!!!

This August 19th LABOUM's Solbin (Ahn Sol Bin) is celebrating her 23rd Birthday ! (Int. 22nd)