Monday, December 15, 2014

AOA (에이오에이) Image Madness: CeCi Magazine December 2014

Yet another solo debut: After School's Lizzy

According to Sports, the next Idol to make a solo debut is no less than After School and Orange Caramel's Lizzy. According to the report Lizzy will debut with a Trot song early in the next year.

Pops in Seoul - Apink (에이핑크) "LUV"

Sonamoo (소나무) Image Madness: Full Profile Image Part 2

Jessica & f(x)'s Krystal Image Madness: Lapalette

Minx Play - Snowy Day With Ji-U

Pritz (프리츠) "Sora sora" Dance shot ver.

SWITCH (스위치) Image Madness: Selfies Part 13

Switch (스위치) Image Madness: In China Part 2 "Show 8 Bar"

N*White (앤화이트) "Hello Boy" Dance Practice

Pungdeng-E (풍뎅이) "Cabbage Bossam" Shooting album photos

LABOUM (라붐) Image Madness: Selfies Part 28

MelodyDay (멜로디데이) with Mad Clown "Anxious" Live

MelodyDay (멜로디데이) Image Madness: Selfies Part 3

LOVELYZ DIARY EP. 07 "Before Girls' Invasion"