Sunday, June 1, 2014

PungDeng-E: Forget Sexyness, this is just for fun.

Hip Hop group? Cute group? or just three girls having fun. Pungdeng-E its a rookie girl group that can fit in any of this descripcions.
This Rookie group debuted on December 2013 with the hip hop song Al-Tang, released the second single Cotton Candy on January and Jal-Tang in February. Although Al-Tang and Jal-Tang are very different from Cotton Candy,  all singles show the funny style of  Pungdeng-E. This kind of girl group its very uncommon; funny and very fresh. An example of this kind of groups is Crayon Pop.

The must recent release of  Pungdeng-E its a cheering song for the upcoming World Cup Brazil 2014.

So, are you ready for another "comedy-just-for-fun" kind of girl group?

Red -Lee Hee Jin (Raper)
Yellow -Kim Eun Bi (Vocalist)
Blue - Jung Ga Hee (Leader, Maknae, Raper)

Wa$$up Image Madness: Maxim Magazine Part 2

3rd Karasia Tour schedule

During the most recent KARA Fan Club Meeting in Japan, the 3rd Karasia Tour schedule for Japan was revealed.

3rd Karasia Tour Schedule.
KARA Japan tour Autumn

October 24th : Fukuoka Sunpalace
October 25th : Fukuoka Sunpalace
November 3rd : Okayama Civic Hall
November 5th : Forest Hall of Ishikawa Kanazawa Honda
November 6th : Niigata Prefectural Civic Center
November 14th : Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium
November 15th : Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium
November 18th : Yokohama Arena
November 19th : Yokohama Arena