Tuesday, February 27, 2018

After School Club - The LUCKY girls Weki Meki(위키미키)!

Honey Popcorn : Debut Teaser Image

Current japanese porn actresses;
Yua Mikami (Ex-SKE48, Kito Momona)
Miko (Ex-NMB48, Okada Risako).
Sakura (Ex-Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome, Ito Yuu).

Ok yes this is funny and kind of unique because will be a Kpop group. But its not the first time something like this happens. Some years ago, like 9 year ago, there was a group; Ebisu Muscats. 
That was a group made with Japanese Porn Stars and Gravure Idols. This group disbanded in 2013 but a new version; Ebisu Muscats 1.5 was created in 2015 and Yua Mikami (Ex-SKE48, Kito Momona) its a member of that idol group. 

Cosmic Girls-WJSN (#‪‎우주소녀‬) : "Dreams Come True" Full MV

APRIL(#에이프릴) : "The Blue" Teaser Image Part 3

Mamamoo (#마마무) : "Starry Night" Teaser Video

WEKI MEKI(#위키미키) : Selfies Part 122

Pungdeng-E (#풍뎅이) : Selfies Part 333

9 Muses (#나인뮤지스) : Selfies Part 874

Gugudan (#구구단) : Selfies Part 231

Dalshabet (#달샤벳) : Selfies Part 622

Cosmic Girls-WJSN (#‪‎우주소녀‬) : Selfies Part 432

CocoSori (#코코소리) : Selfies Part 137

Brave Girls(#브레이브 걸스) : Selfies Part 198