Tuesday, May 27, 2014

KARA Project Episode 1 with subtitles

Its here, the Online replay of MBC KARA Project. Its a subtitled video.

Wa$$up - "FIRE" (BRAZIL 2014) making

KARA Project Start! Do you want to participate?

New and some how "polemic" KARA Project has started this May 27th. The girls faced their first challenge, trying to win a spot in one of the most popular K-Pop girl groups; KARA.

There is a judge system, but also its a fan voting sistem.

Aside the judges vote, fans can give a vote via SNS or LINE app.

30% of the total score its made by judges votes, 40% by Pre-vote and Live-vote and the other 30% its made by LINE votes, this is called GLOBAL vote.

So if you have a LINE account you can give a vote for your favorite Baby KARA member.

You can download the apps from www.dspkara.com

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