Thursday, September 28, 2017

Twice (#트와이스) : 「One More Time」Teaser Video 2

CocoSori (#코코소리) : CoCoSoRi Music Video Kickstarter Campaign

Who is CoCoSoRi?
Hello world! We are CoCoSoRi, a Japanese-inspired K-pop duo that debuted into the entertainment world in January 2016. Though singing and dancing are our loves in life, we try not to take ourselves too seriously—and our music shows it too. Our debut song, Dark Circle, is both fun and entertaining. Born from the idea that eating broccoli helps evil dark circles disappear, Dark Circle is a unique track that has you nodding along before you know it.
Not long after, we released our second single, Exquisite. Just as addicting and twice the fun, Exquisite has two meanings. Imagine, you’re trying to catch your partner’s attention, but no matter what you do they just don’t return your love! Now, imagine that same scenario, but with your cat. With baby metal breaks throughout the song, Exquisite has a bold sound we love.  
What is CoCoSoRi trying to do?  
Unfortunately, after our two songs last year, we became wrapped up in other projects and weren’t able to continue pursuing music. Now that we’ve gotten our lives back in order, we want to do our best to give our fans what they have been asking for, another song and another music video. We just want to create something that you all will love, so we are asking for your support. All proceeds will go towards music video costs, including: director, props, lighting, editing, hair/makeup stylists, and other directly-related expenses.  
CoCoSoRi’s Schedule:
Once our Kickstarter campaign is finished in late October, our plan is to… ➡ Late Oct: Plan the MV
➡ Early Nov: Shoot the MV
➡ Mid Nov: Finish editing the MV
➡ Late Nov: Include all sponsor credits and allow sponsors to see the completed MV
➡ Late Nov: Release the MV
➡ Dec: Send out sponsor rewards
What’s in it for us?  
Making our fans happy! While we may come and go with other projects, you all supporting us as CoCoSoRi are the true heroes of this story! With your support, we’ve come farther than we’ve ever dreamed, and we would like to dedicate this project to you.   
CoCoSoRi, fighting!

Pungdeng-E (#풍뎅이) : "Stay" Teaser Image

FlaShe(#플래쉬) : "Popping" Fanchant ver.

Pops in Seoul - FlaShe(#플래쉬)

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