Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Will KARA(카라) be Disbanded or... Temporally Disbanded?

Ok, KARA(카라) is the hot topic this days, most of this are only rumors and "insider information" but we can point some facts. This are the facts now January 6th (KST).

1.- The group its NOT disbanded yet.
No official disband statement from DSP Media so far. But we have to be clear, contracts ends in the end of January, not today.
2.- According to DSP Media the three girls Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara  have made contact with other agencies at least since the last year. In the case of Hara she has been talking with  KeyEast. 

Now, taking this facts in consideration we can talk about the rumors that trigger all this rush.
According  to Star News, an insider said to them that Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara dont want to stay in DSP Media, so it seems they  will not renew contracts.

Not an official statement just a rumor, but looks pretty strong. Of course all Kara's SNS are in silence now, no comments not a clue.

Most of the people believe that in fact Kara will be eventually out of business in February. But like I said there is no official info about disbanding or about Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara's decision.

Fans are prepared for the worst. Rumor or not looks like the end of Kara, or it isn't?

Some crazy or not too crazy theories are also surfing the net along side with this disband rumors. Well, as you know Young Ji is the only Kara member that still have a long term contract with DSP Media. So... what will happen to her? Here are the options or theories about Young Ji and Kara's future:

1.- Kara will be temporally disbanded.
Its possible that DSP will take some trainees and re-start Kara all fresh along with Young Ji. Actually some people thinks that Somin could be one of the new members. Until then Kara could be temporally out of business.

2.- Young Ji joins April.
Young Ji knows most of the April members very well because Baby Kara Project, so its not a crazy option at all.

Maybe DSP Media is negotiating with the girls, maybe not. Maybe the agency is trying to buy some time. Who knows?

Whatever the truth is it will be revealed soon (before February for sure). The clock is ticking for Kara.

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