Monday, June 23, 2014

KARA Project Round 4: So Min Win

The results for the 4th week of KARA Project are here and we have some suprises.

For first time in the contest So Min takes the first place. (We did it at last!)

Always in the top3 So Min improved a lot. She is one of the judges favorites but was a little week with the Pre and Local votes, although she was also strong with the Global votes. This week So Min conviced the local fans at last and that put her in first place this round.

The second place goes to So Jin. Another top3 strong contestant. This round was pay back time, she not only improved her position this week, but also left behind Young Ji. So Jin still have problems with the local votes, but she still in the fight.

And the thirth place goes to Young Ji. The strongest contestant fell big this week. She is strong with the Global votes, but looks like local votes are giving her some problems. Anyway she still in the fight.

With only 2 weeks remaining this looks like a "3-people" contest. The big 3 : So Min, So Jin and Young Ji, are giving a good fight. The other KARA Babies looks far behind.

Let see next week if this 3 girls keep the pace.

A Pink BnN will be a special subunit.

According to A Cube Entertainment, APink BnN will be an special subunit. The full details will be revealed when A Pink BnN start activities in the near future with its first single release.

No date of debut so far.

Girls Day's Yura Image Madness: The Star

SERA to leave 9Muses. Also 9Muses to comeback on August with new member.

Why God? WHY?!!!

9Muses' Sera leaves the group due to end of contract according to an statement of Star Empire this June 24th (KST). Star Empire will search for a new member and 9Muses will make a comeback in August.

But... just one member? I mean... with the deperture of Sera now they are 6Muses.

9Muses started as 7 members group and later found 2 more members, but they dont even last 2 years as 9.

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