Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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Safety First with T-ARA's Hyomin (2014.09.30)

Minx Play - Our Album Is Available Now

SECRET's Ji Eun 1st Solo mini album "25"

According to New Spim.com, the misterious project of SECRET's Ji Eun will be a new Solo Mini Album "25" to be released on October.

Maybe you remember the misterous number "25" at the en of "Dont Look At Me Like That" MV, well that was just a prelude for the real project solo. 

The album will be released on October 14th.

On Style "The Taetiseo" Episode 5 Shorts. Featuring SISTAR's Bora


"Touch My Body" Taetiseo Style."

AOA Winners announce on the CD enclosed ticket serial number! "♥ ChoA ♥"

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Girls' Generation's Jessica leaves the group. Still working under SM.

Now its all official; Jessica its no longer part of popular group Girls' Generation.

After a wild and confusing morning starting with an entry on Jessicas's Weibo, this drama comes to an end with the official statement of agency SM Entertainment :

SM Entertainment regarding SNSD Jessica: " We already planned to stop the group activities  this spring after the next album due Jessica's personal circunstances " They said. 

"Because her fashion-related businesses (BLANC) we originally anticipated an "8 Girls group activities" format. 

However negotiations were insufficient because conflicts of  priorities and interest, and Jessica started her fashion business. Because of this the team could not be maintained.

So the agency had to start the "8 Girls group" format earlier than planned. Jessica posted her thoughs about this early this morning."

So, Jessica is out of GG but still working under SM, basically because she just renewed contract.