Monday, May 5, 2014

Rania to hold auditions for a new member?!

INGENIOmedia has just announced a new audition to recruit a new member of RANIA.

Now, the weird thing its that Riko its not mentioned in the audition poster and also the audition talks about a 6th member. INGENIOmedia posted a message later: "INGENIOmedia doesn't have any information about Riko. Information about her has to be provided by Dr. Music, their main label.
We sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding."

So the fate of Riko its not clear... again, lets hope Dr. Music make an announcement soon.

Hood Girl to comeback in June with a new album and new concept

We have talked about Hood Girl before; this "Ahjumma" or mature girls group debuted in March with the single "Darling, Honey, I Love You".  This rookie mature group (ha, yes sounds a little strange) will join the storm of comebacks in June.

According with their agency SC Entertainment the new album will present a new style of Hood Girl, with a kind of Electro vibe and catchy up beat songs.

Hood Girl its composed by 4 married women of ages 27-35.

SNSD Image Madness: Casio Baby-G