Tuesday, August 5, 2014

After School Club EP89 SISTAR(씨스타) - Touch my body

T-ara(티아라) to comeback at the end of September

According to Interfootball site, girl group T-ara(티아라) is planning to make a comeback in the late September. An official representative said that its not desided yet if will be a digital single, minialbum or Full album comeback, but the girls are working right now in the content to make a comeback the next month.

BoA "First Time"(Short ver.)

Secret (시크릿) 5TH MINI ALBUM "SECRET SUMMER" Album Spoiler

Orange Caramel(오렌지 캬라멜) "My Copycat" Image Teaser

Secret (시크릿) 5TH MINI ALBUM "SECRET SUMMER" Image Teaser Part 2

SNSD - Tae Tiseo(소녀시대-태티서) to comeback in September... Or Not?

According to Sports Chosun, the SNSD's subunit Tae Tiseo has confirmed a comeback for September. The new album its finished already and the new concept image and jackets will be revealed soon. Due to the new Girls' Generation album "Mr. Mr" early this year and Japanese promotion, Tae Tiseo's comeback was delayed till this September.


According to Sports Khan SM Entertainment stated that Tae Tiseo is indeed preparing a comeback, but there isnt an specific release date. Also stated that the album its just in the making right now and will be finished soon.

HEYNE(혜이니) "Red Lie" MV Dance ver.

AOA's Chanmi & Yuna Image Madness: GQ Magazine August 2014

Bob Girls Image Madenss: HIM Magazine August 2014

Four Ladies (4L) Image Madness: "Move" Photos

Wa$$up Image Madness: Debut 1 Year Celebration D-3