Friday, March 28, 2014

Crayon Pop New song "Uh-ee" and comments on upcoming Lady Gaga concerts collaboration.

Crayon Pop performed its new single "UH-EE" at the Gwanghwamun Olleh Square this March 28th. Its a cantchy Electro-trot song with a simple and funny dance.

During the event they commented about their upcoming participation with Lady Gaga. They said they were invited to performe for 3 months, but because schedule issues they only will perform one month. Will be around 13 concerts in 12 stages. 

They also will participate on local media entreviews and maybe surprise and street performance events.

Happy 7th Anniversary KARA!

This March 29th (KST) popular girl gropu KARA its celebrating its 7th Anniversary.

Its maybe the sadest anniversary for KARA fans because the deperture of two of its members this year: Nicole and Ji Young .

WA$$UP will visit South America next Summer.

 Mafia Record announced that its girl group WA$$UP - (와썹) will vist South America to give a few mini concerts and attend fan meetings. Mafia Record also said that WA$$UP have had some invitations to visit South America since their debut, but the agency wasnt sure about the popularity of the girls. Now after watch some dance cover from Bazilan fans, agency feel more confident about WA$$UP's popularity.

They will visit Peru, Chile and Brazil. There are no official dates yet.