Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Twice (트와이스) : The "Ultimate" Girl Group

Twice (트와이스) is getting a great momentum as they enter in their  second year .

There is also a feeling that it seems to see the early days of Girls' Generation, which was called "the best girl group".

As Girls' Generation, a group that debuted  in 2007,  Twice is also a nine-member group. Nine girls that attract fans' love with their charms.

Twice surpasses some Girls' Generation records too this year.

On October 24th, mini album 3rd album "TwiceCoaster: Lane 1" exceeded 210,000 sold copies .

It is the group's highest album sales, surpassing the 145 044 pieces aprox. that Girl' s Generation sold last year.

Streaming services are also hot. 2016 Mnet Streaming  Downloads Top Twice "Cheer Up" as number 1 Video.

Twice's music video is also sweeping records. "Cheer up" got  the 207 days record for 100 million views.

Also Twice won the Song of the Year award at the 'Mnet Asia Music Awards' with "Cheer Up".

Note: '끝판왕'  means "People that has reached the highest level of certain thing". So I decided to use the word  "Ultimate" for this entry title.

Apink(에이핑크) : "Cause you're my star" Full MV

APRIL(에이프릴) : Makestar 2017 Calendar Project

APRIL(에이프릴) Calendar is a project run by the global crowdfunding platform MakeStar (, which provides a calendar of pictures only to those who have participated during the project. The pre-release picture cuts can be viewed in high-quality on the APRIL(에이프릴) project page of Make-A-Star. In addition, the picture cuts that were not included in the calendar were collected separately and a mini photo album was set up as a special set. The project will run until the 31st.

April's picture calendar was photographed by Park Kyung In. The photos released on December 14th are the best cuts by the members selected by Park Kyung In.

"The Limited Edition Reward includes a morning call alarm, a Polaroid photo set, and a fan meeting meal with April members."

April's pictorial calendar production project will be conducted by crowdfunding until December 31st.

Source: Korea Press 

Cosmic Girls-WJSN (‪‎우주소녀‬) : "Just Tell Me Why" Teaser Image

Coming soon January 2017

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