Thursday, March 20, 2014

Apink 4th mini Album [Pink Blossom] Teaser

Pharrell Williams - Happy (with Wa$$up)

After School Image Madness; Dress to Kill Part 2

A Pink "Pink Blossom" Mini Album Cover & Solo Pictures

A Pink '4th Mini Album - Pink Blossom' to be released on April 19th. The album contains 6 tracks. The title track is 'Mr. Chu' which produced by Duble Sidekick. They will make their comeback on March 31st!



SNSD Image Madness: Instagram Pictures; Yuri, Sooyoung.

Crayon Pop X Lady Gaga: Korean girls group will open Lady Gaga's Concerts

Just Twitted a few hours ago, Lady Gaga has announced that funny and popular girl group Crayon Pop will open her concerts in US and Canada  June 26 through July 22.

Congratulations for Crayon Pop.