Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Invincible Youth 2. Ep.26

Let's Dance: Crayon Pop(크레용팝) _ Uh-ee(어이)

 Subtittles are availables.

1theK (former LOEN MUSIC), will release a Lets Dance video of Crayon Pop "Uh- ee" soon.

1theK (former LOEN MUSIC) has announced that a new Lets Dance video of Crayon Pop "Uh ee" will be released in the next hours.

SNSD Mr.MR Real Moment Replay Event Official Pictures 020414

A new record for Taeyeon; 2 Million followers on Instagram

One of the most active girls on Instagram, "Kid Leader" Taeyeon has reached more than 2 Million followers on this Social Network.

AOA becomes the Image of Sport Shoes Bren Sbenu

AOA its now the new Image of Brand Sbenu. An official photo was uploaded on the AOA Facebook page. The girls are wearing new models from Sbenu, refreshing youthful cute pastel pink shoes that match school uniforms.