Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Pink's BnN Subunit to debut this June 27th

This June 26th was confirmed that the members of the new A Pink's subunit BnN are Bomi and Namjoo. Was also confirmed that they will start activities this June 27th. 

4Minute's Hyuna to comeback in July

According to Cube Entertainment 4minute's Hyuna is prepearing a comeback for middle or end of July.

A rumor said that is possible that Hyuna start a short reality show related to her comeback.

FIESTAR New release date and Teaser for "One More" Single album

Due to the Sewol accident in May some groups delayed its comeback date release. One of those groups was FIESTAR. But now they have revealed the new release date for its upcoming digital single album One More. The new date release is July 2nd.