Saturday, May 3, 2014

SPICA also to have a comeback in summer.

According to Korea Daily, SPICA will join the summer comebacks. SPICA will release a Digital Single in June and a full album this fall.

According to the insiders the song will combine their great vocals and performance, and will be a change from the usual SPICA style, hoping to fullfil fans expectations.

RANIA to comeback in July with “Aceleration”

RANIA will make a comeback soon. According to to the spanish label INGENIOmedia the group will return to Korean stages in July with “Aceleration” almbum, but the spanish label will produce the single, not YG Entertainment . 

RANIA also will participate in an spanish reality show in september sponsored also by INGENIOmedia. In the same month they will have a second comeback this year.

As part of the promotion with the spanish public INGENIOmedia re-uploaded RANIA's "Style" MV with a short spanish introduction. 


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