Friday, September 5, 2014

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Kiss&Cry (키스 크라이) its not disbanded (yet). Haena Finish contract.

Ok the situation its a little confusing now, but we have one thing for sure. Haena formaly leaves Kiss&Cry (키스 크라이) and its now auditioning for "Superstar K6". 

Now according to Haena, Kiss&Cry (키스 크라이) is already disbanded, "There wasn't as much response to Kiss&Cry compared to our expectations, so it was suddenly disbanded against our intentions." She said.

But in the other hand, Winning Insight M Entertainment sended a letter to fans: " We have sad news for you; Kiss&Cry stopped their activities due to company's internal problems. But this does not mean that the group is completely disbanded, we can only say that there are several factors involved. Now, one of the members, Le Haena, has finished her contract and is currently participating in Superstar K6".

But there is more, and this is a rumor, looks like Dia could leave the group too in the next days.

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