Monday, June 9, 2014

Bob Girls "No Way" Full MV

KARA Project Round 2: So Jin Winner.

The result of second round of KARA Project are here and we have the first surprise.

The winner this week is So Jin. Almots perfect score with judges and Global Votes. The performance of "Rock U" was nice and cute, almost all the girls got a great score with judges. The Local fans (Pre-vote and Live vote) are very hard to get. Global votes helped the winner a lot this week. So Jin made a great jump, from 4th to 1st place.

Second place is Young Ji. The last week's winner still in the top3, no matter she havent performed with the girls yet. Young Ji have an amazing fan support, she is the first KARA Baby in getting the Perfect Fan Score . Lets see if she impress the judges in the 3rd week show and recover the 1st place.

And the 3rd place this week is So Min. Second place last week she refuse to leave the top3. The big difference, again, are the Global votes. She had a low score with the Live-votes this week, but she still in the fight.

Lets see how much change the next week.

AOA "Beauty Salon" Teaser Image and Teaser Schedule.

FNC Entertainment updated its official web page preparing the road for the upcoming comeback of AOA (Ace of Agels).

In addition FNC gave us an updates schedule:

June 11th - Jacket Teaser
June 13th - Silhouette Teaser
June 16th - Comic Teaser
June 17th - M/V Highlight
June 19th - M/V Full Version

Stay tuned.

FIESTAR reminds you the Korea Soccer Team Scheadule

Are you supporting the South Korea Soccer team? Girl group FIESTAR reminds you the matches schedule.

Bob Girls "No way" Teaser

Here is the first Teaser of  "No Way"  the debut single of  Bob Girls, sister group of Crayon Pop.

Invincible Youth 2 - Ep.45: With KBS Announcers

After School's Beauty Bible - Ep.4: Say Good Bye to Complexes

"Cheerleading Contest" confirmed; 4 teams for the Cup

As was mentioned some days ago, MBC recorded its "Idol Futsal World Cup", that include only Male Idol groups in the end of May. As part of this special event MBC organized and special Cheerleading contest  for girl groups. This segment was recorded but wasnt confirmed to appear in the show. Now Its confirmed and we have the Teams.

Four Teams will fight for the Cup:

Team ASunmi, Miss A's Jia and Min, Ladies' Code, TINT, NC.A and SISTAR's Soyu .
Team B: Jewelry, Nine Muses and Dal Shabet. 
Team C: After School, Hello Venus and BESTie 
Team D: SECRET, Rainbow and AoA.  

As you can see the teams are very interesting. According to MBC the difference between 1st place and 2nd place was only ONE POINT!
Who won the Cheerleading Contest? How were the routines? You can see them on June 12th, when the show is broadcasted. Meanwhile here is a behind the scene.

Billboard Top10 K Pop videos around the world.

Billboard has revealed its TOP10 list of must popular K Pop videos in America and around the world.

2NE1 looks like the most solid of all girl groups right now with "Gotta Be You". It proved to be the favorit e of America and around the world in the May list.
Other girl group listed is Orange Caramel and its MV "Abing Abing"Hyoseung, "Good-night Kiss", Jiyeon, "Never Ever", and IU, "My Old Story" are the other female artists in the list.

Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America - May 2014

1. EXO-K, "Overdose"
2. EXO-M, "Overdose"
3. 2NE1, "Gotta Be You"
4. VIXX, "Eternity"
5. INFINITE, "Last Romeo"
6. g.o.d., "The Lone Duckling
7. Akdong Musician, "Give Love"
8. Orange Caramel, "Abing Abing"
9. IU, "My Old Story"
10. Hyoseung, "Good-night Kiss"

Most Viewed K-Pop Videos Globally - May 2014

1. EXO-K, "Overdose"
2. EXO-M, "Overdose"
3. 2NE1, "Gotta Be You"
4. Akdong Musician, "Give Love"
5. IU, "My Old Story"
6. INFINITE, "Last Romeo"
7. Hyoseung, "Good-night Kiss"
8. g.o.d., "The Lone Duckling"
9. Jiyeon, "Never Ever"
10. VIXX, "Eternity"

After School's Nana Image Madness: High Cut Magazine Vol 127

KARA PROJECT - 3rd Ep. Preview