Tuesday, October 14, 2014

#hashtag Girl's Day (걸스데이) "I Miss You (Want to see)"

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MINX 'Q&A Event' Video Part.1

(Skip to first question after intro.)

Q:Among the members, owner of the aegyo that calls for a punch.
(siyeon's turn) YH: I can't watch.
SuA:Did you say Oppa? Going for Oppa season 2.
YH: Total edit out.
JU: Ok. Let's just say everyone is owner of aegyo that calls for a punch.
[Yes, Let's just leave it that way]

Q:JU: Do you have interest in Japan?
JU: There are lots of Minx fans in Japan.
SY(Jap): Nice to meet you I'm Siyeon. Are you well?!? I love you![all]

Q:JU: Dami's personal question. Is Dami's pine tree (hair) well?
DM/All: Pine tree has disappearted. (sings the pine tree song)
DM: It withered due to lack of interest.
SY: Give (it) interest.
DM: (It) needs love.

Q:JU It's the last question.Regretfully. What do you always do in the waiting room?
SA: We really.. monitor (ourselves.)
YH: right
SY: We monitor endlessly.
DM: Keep watching.
YH: Ah, there is another thing. We look at the boards in our fancafe. (song about seeing again)
JU: The posts that fans leave we read it all without missing one.
SY: Right. So leave a lot of them.
YH: Did we miss one yet?
DM: Havent missed on yet.
SY: Ah and we take a lot of selca's that we show everyone. We are always trying hard to show you pretty pics.

(Ends asking to leave more questions.)

Translation by Youtube User esRicardox

Minx Play - Enduring Breath Match