Friday, June 27, 2014

f(x) "Red Light" Image Teaser: Sulli

After School's Nana Image Madness: Vogue Girl Magazine July 2014

The new KARA members selection its up to you; Final match 50%-50%

According to an official announcement the final voting round to select the new KARA members will change a little. So far the votes are divided in 4: Judges Votes, Pre-votes, Live Votes and Global Votes. But now, for the last round the votes are divided in 2: Judges and Global. No local votes this time.

Fans from all around the world with a LINE account can participate and select the new KARA members.

In the last weeks the Global votes "Queen" has been Young Ji. And the Judges votes "Queen" has been So Min. 


Hyomin change the date for her Solo Debut

Good news for all the Hyomin's fans; the release date for Hyomin's solo debut album "Nice Body" was moved form July 2th to June 30th. So there is only 2 days left !.

AOA, Gilrl's Day and BESTIe covers SNSD's Mr. Mr. On Music Bank

EXID changes agency and prepare comeback

According to an offcial statement of  Yedang Entertainment this June 27th, the girl group EXID has signed and exclucive contract with them.
Shinsadong Tiger is expected to be EXID's producer for ist upcoming comeback this year.

Happy Birthday Seohyun !!!

This June 28th Girls' Genration's Seohyun (Seo Joo Hyun) is celebrating her 23th Birthday!