Thursday, November 13, 2014

Yet another Comeback: "Sunny Hill"

According to Sunny Hill's official Facebook, they will release a new digital single soon. The announce came along with a calligraphy event for fans.

According to the announce the new digital single "Erase" will be released on November 27th.

"써니힐 새 디지텅싱글 <지우다>.
오는 11월 27일 발매 예정인 써니힐의 새 디지털싱글 앨범 재킷을 여러분의 멋진 손글씨로 채워주세요!"

SISTAR's Soyou "No Mercy" Teaser Video

PRITZ (프리츠) "Sora Sora" Full Audio

Apink 5TH Minialbum "Pink LUV" Rolling Music Teaser

Nicole (니콜) "MAMA" Teaser Video 2

SunnyHill's "Youth Hope project" 1.5

English subtitles coming soon.

Lip Service (립서비스) Dance Video

PRITZ (프리츠) Image Madness: "Sora Sora"

Hellovenus (헬로비너스) Image Madness: Selfies Part 21

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