Monday, June 16, 2014

KARA Project Round 3: Young Ji Winner.

The results of KARA Project Round 3 (week 3) are here.

Young Ji return to first place and still the most solid and strong Baby KARA member so far. This ranking its the first with a real judges voting, because this week was the first Young Ji performed on stage with the other Baby KARA members. She is not the best according to the judges, but even so Young Ji got a very good score.

So Min got the second place this week. She was the best according to judges getting a Perfect Score this week. She got a good score in general, except for the Global Votes. So Min still as a very strong contestant.

So Jin fell from first place to third place this week. Her total score changed a little from last weeks, but the TOP2 members improved so she fell a lot in the ranking.

Young Ji and So Min are the strongest members so far. But some other members can give a surprise. 
Members like Chae Kyung and Chae Won are members that can give a surprise, but they need to get more votes quick, starting the next week. If they dont they are practically out. 

Young Ji : 22 734 Total score after 3 weeks.
So Min:    21 940 Total score after 3 weeks.
So Jin:      21 232 Total score after 3 weeks.


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