Tuesday, December 20, 2016

APRIL(에이프릴) : Six members new lineup; APRIL is coming back in January 4th

On December  21st (KST), DSP Media showed a coming up APRIL teaser image through official SNS

As you can see in the picture's background with pastel tones,  APRIL's comeback date is 2017. 1. 4. 00:00 AM .

The teaser shows the back of the members wearing various cute costumes like dolls on display in a small shop. This amplify the expectation of the new album. The album title is "Prelude", which means an overture that announces a new beginning.

DSP Media said: "The final date for APRIL's comeback is January 4th, and they are now dedicated to finish the album. The new album name is "Prelude," which means an overture in music, and it is also a prelude for APRIL's new reorganization and musical growth."

APRIL was recently  reorganized into a six-member group again with regular members Chae Won, Na Eun, Yena, and Jinsol. Adding the new members: Chaekyoung and Rachel.

Chaekyoung participated in projects such as "Kara Project" and "Produce 101" and later on groups such as CI.V.A and I.B.I. Rachel is a trainee that also studied ballet in Portland, USA for 7 years.

Source: Sedaily.com

AOA (에이오에이) : "Angel's Knock" Teaser Image

Happy Birthday High D !!!h

This December 21st SONAMOO's High D (Kim Do Hee) is celebrating her 21st Birthday ! (Int. 20th)

APRIL(에이프릴) : "Prelude" Teaser Image

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