Tuesday, April 18, 2017

DIA(#다이아) : "Will you go out with me" Full MV

Apink(#에이핑크) : "Always" Full MV

MOMOLAND(#모모랜드) : "It's Awesome" Teaser Image Part 3

Girl's Day(#걸스데이) : "I'll be yours" DANCE PRACTICE VIDEO (Cute ver.)

After School Club] Ep.260 - Dreamcatcher(#드림캐쳐)

Weekly Idol Ep. 298 - OH MY GIRL-OMG-(#오마이걸) Eng Sub.

WASSUP (#와썹): Selfies Part 334

WANNA.B (#워너비) : Selfies Part 190

Hellovenus (#헬로비너스) : Selfies Part 484

TAHITI (#타히티) : Selfies Part 525

SWITCH (#스위치) : Selfies Part 507

9 Muses (#나인뮤지스) : Selfies Part 683

Dalshabet (#달샤벳) : Selfies Part 510

Cosmic Girls-WJSN (#‪‎우주소녀‬) : Selfies Part 299

CrystaL Clear - CLC(#씨엘씨) : PRODUSORN

"Hello to all CLC fans from all around the world! I am Sorn and today I have a very special announcement to make. Over the past few months, I have been preparing my very own youtube channel. After talking to the company and with the HUGE amount of support from our staff members, we have created Cube’s 1st live streaming channel called <PRODUSORN> which will be another sub channel from United Cube.

The purpose of this channel is to not only entertain, but to also educate and inspire anyone with a dream to become anything they aspire to be. I welcome ANYONE and EVERYONE to watch my channel. I will be telling you guys my personal stories about the struggles and challenges that I have faced before I became a member in CLC. I hope that you guys will enjoy my stories and find them somewhat helpful.

My first streaming will be on April 21th @ 7:00pm (KST). If possible, I'll be streaming every Tuesday and Friday. So please make sure to show your support and stay tuned to more updates!!"

Source: CLC Official SNS

CrystaL Clear - CLC(#씨엘씨) : Selfies Part 178

APRIL(#에이프릴) : Selfies Part 208

APink (#에이핑크) : Selfies Part 471