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Top 10 K-Pop Girl Groups You Need to Know: U.S. Billboard

U.S. Billboard published an special article about K-Pop Girls Groups you have to know.

The article talks about the girls groups phenomenon in South Korea in the 90's and its develope through the next years in the early 2000's. After that come a list of recomendations of Korean girls groups you should know, no matter if you are a veteran or a rookie in the k-pop girls groups scene.

1.- S.E.S.
2.- Girls' Genertation
3.- Fin.K.L
4.- Wonder Girls
5.- After School
6.- 2NE1
7.- Baby V.O.X.
8.- Brown Eyed Girls
9.- Jewelry
10.- Sistar

As you can see the list its made of old school and "new" girls groups. Starting the list with S.E.S. a classic k-pop group. Debuting under the SM Entertainment label in 1997, S.E.S its the predecessor of groups like SNSD and f(x).

And in the end of the list we have Sistar, one of the most talented groups this days. Sistar have one of the strongest and best female voices in the K-pop nowadays: Hyorin.

If you want to know a little more a bout k-pop girl groups take a look to the U.S. Billboard article.

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