Saturday, May 24, 2014

4Minute held an historic Concert in Spain with 1000 happy fans

Its very difficult for any asian pop group to hold a SOLO concert outside Asia, thats why any solo concert turns to be very important.

This past May 23th 4Minutes held a concert in Barcelona Spain with 1 000 cheerful fans; "4Minute Fan Bash in Barcelona 2014".

They performed : "What’s Your Name?", "Whatcha Doin Today","Muzik", "Mirror Mirror", "Volume Up", "Let You Know", "Come In" and "Heart to Heart". HyunA also performed her solo songs.

Fans from Italy, France, UK and even Brazil and Peru travel to Barcelona to enjoy the now historic concert. Fans also greet Gayoon because her recent birthday.

Orange Caramel join Kakao Talk game "Dragon Blaze"

Popular and colorful girl group Orange Caramel join RPG Kakako Talk game "Dragon Blaze" as official models.

Orange Caramel will promote the game in future CF and events and also will be part of the game. According to reports Lizzy, Nana and Raina will be characters in the game. The outfits will be similar to those used in Lipstick MV.

Currently "Dragon Blaze" its only available in Korean language.