Tuesday, December 25, 2018

TOP 10 Most Underrated Songs of 2018 FINAL PART WEKI MEKI(#위키미키)

No. 1

WEKI MEKI(#위키미키) : "La La La" Full

With no doubt, WEKI MEKI is one of the best and complite girl groups out ther right now.
They have charm, very good vocals, a good rapper and their choreos are always something.
"La la la" is proof of all this.
It's sad that this single didn't catch the attention of the fans more.
This song deserved more, a lot more.

Happy Birthday #Kyla !!!

This December 26th PRISTIN's maknae Kyla (Kyla Massie) is celebrating her 17th Birthday ! (Int. 18th)

G-FRIEND(#여자친구) : ""Time for Us" Teaser Image

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