Saturday, April 5, 2014

Are you ready? A Pink on Arirang After School Next April 8th


"The pure and innocent fairies who give our hearts the daily dose of vitamins are back! Aside from their innocent and shy image, they are back with a more outgoing image proposing their love for fans all over the world. Apink will finally be joining the After School Club!"

 After School Club.

A Pink will be on After School Club show this week and will talk about the "hot Issue": 'Sexy concept vs Cute concept girl groups'. Dont miss this special live show for K pop fans all around the world.  

Date is April 8th. 1 PM (KST) Try to catch up the show on Google Hangouts, Tweeter and Facebook. 


Image of the Week: KARA's Hara. "Estee Lauder"

[MV] Alice White (엘리스 화이트) - 빙빙빙 (Baby Like That) ENGLISH SUB

 Another cute release. This time from the rookie group Alice White.