Monday, March 31, 2014

[Crayon Pop] 크레용팝 '어이' Uh-ee M/V

Friday, March 28, 2014

Crayon Pop New song "Uh-ee" and comments on upcoming Lady Gaga concerts collaboration.

Crayon Pop performed its new single "UH-EE" at the Gwanghwamun Olleh Square this March 28th. Its a cantchy Electro-trot song with a simple and funny dance.

During the event they commented about their upcoming participation with Lady Gaga. They said they were invited to performe for 3 months, but because schedule issues they only will perform one month. Will be around 13 concerts in 12 stages. 

They also will participate on local media entreviews and maybe surprise and street performance events.

Happy 7th Anniversary KARA!

This March 29th (KST) popular girl gropu KARA its celebrating its 7th Anniversary.

Its maybe the sadest anniversary for KARA fans because the deperture of two of its members this year: Nicole and Ji Young .

WA$$UP will visit South America next Summer.

 Mafia Record announced that its girl group WA$$UP - (와썹) will vist South America to give a few mini concerts and attend fan meetings. Mafia Record also said that WA$$UP have had some invitations to visit South America since their debut, but the agency wasnt sure about the popularity of the girls. Now after watch some dance cover from Bazilan fans, agency feel more confident about WA$$UP's popularity.

They will visit Peru, Chile and Brazil. There are no official dates yet.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

T-ara's Jiyeon is making her Solo debut on April 30th

Was just announced that T-ARA's Jiyeon  will make a Solo debut the next April 30th. Her agency Core Contents Media said that Jiyeon firts Solo single will be very different from T-ARAS's style. Also mentioned that she will present an "unconventional" and sexy dance.

[Teaser 2] NS Yoon-G(NS 윤지) _ Yasisi(야시시) (Ver.B)

Its 2014 the Year of Aegyo?

We remember 2013 because a lot of K-Pop girl groups released singles and/or MV with very sexy concepts.

K-Pop girls groups are very well know because of their "versatility". Girl groups jump from concept to concept according to the needs of the producers, girls or market. Its not strange that a girl group release a very cute MV and then, months later, release a very sexy MV. Or maybe a classy MV concept.

The firts 3 months of 2014 was marked with the "Aegyo" (cute) and classy concepts. Looks like sexy concepts MVs were left behind.  Groups like:  BESTie, A Pink, T-ARA, 1PS, TINT, Fresh Girls, Orange Caramel or even 4Minute have released cute, funny songs or ballads. Also Girls' Generation and 2NE1 have released strong classy songs and MVs.

Will this be the trend this year? Or will be just a few months trend? 

We will see some sexy concept MVs this year from "classic" sexy groups like 9Muses or SISTAR?  Will Miss A will release a classy or fierce MV this year? What about f(x), KARA or SPICA ?

Lets wait and see what happens in the next months.

[MV] TINT(틴트) _ Wolf is stupid (Feat. Chunji(천지) )

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SNSD Sunny as Jewel in RIO. Trailer HD

Apink 4TH MINI [Pink Blossom] Come Back Teaser

Orange Caramel Special Event on March 27th

ORANGE CARAMEL will select 25 out of 49 per mosaic during the online fan meeting, and give them Autographed ORANGE CARAMEL Single Album ‘CATALLENA’ CD!!

- HAPPY HOUR : Autographed Posters.
- Top 5 Supporters : TOP 2 ~ TOP 5 supporters will get Autographed Posters, Polaroid Photos of A  ORANGE CARAMEL MEMBER!!

- LIVE STREAMING : March 27 (3:00 PM KST)

2NE1 to appear in the on the final stage of "America’s Next Top"

2NE1 will be appearing on the final stage of  “America’s Next Top Model” Season 21.

“America’s Next Top Model” is filming in Korea because the Fashion Week in Seoul. Show will be record on April 2nd.

Was also announced that group BTOB will appear as judges too.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Waveya Girl's Generation 소녀시대 Mr.Mr. 미스터미스터 cover dance 웨이브야

Girl Hood- 'Darling, Honey, I Love You' MV

Ahjumma ("mature") girls group Girl Hood released debut single "Darling, Honey, I Love You" on March 24th. A ballad with a kind of chinese sound. The girls are 29 to 37 years old and married.

4MINUTE - 오늘 뭐해 (Whatcha Doin' Today) (Choreography Practice Video)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hyoming on "CeCi" Magazine April 2014

SNSD Image Madeness: Instagram Taeyeon & Sooyoung

T-ARA's NEW Album 「Gossip Girls」 release on May 14th.

T-ARA's third Japanese Album 「Gossip Girls」 will be released on May 14th. An special event will be announced for the release soon.

Dancing Alone (댄싱얼론) - Billion (빌리언) M/V

Happy Birthday Park Bom!!!

This March 24th, 2NE1's Park Bom  its celebrating her 30th Birthday.

Congratulations Bom!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Apink 4th mini Album [Pink Blossom] Teaser

Pharrell Williams - Happy (with Wa$$up)

After School Image Madness; Dress to Kill Part 2

A Pink "Pink Blossom" Mini Album Cover & Solo Pictures

A Pink '4th Mini Album - Pink Blossom' to be released on April 19th. The album contains 6 tracks. The title track is 'Mr. Chu' which produced by Duble Sidekick. They will make their comeback on March 31st!



SNSD Image Madness: Instagram Pictures; Yuri, Sooyoung.

Crayon Pop X Lady Gaga: Korean girls group will open Lady Gaga's Concerts

Just Twitted a few hours ago, Lady Gaga has announced that funny and popular girl group Crayon Pop will open her concerts in US and Canada  June 26 through July 22.

Congratulations for Crayon Pop.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

4MINUTE Q&A EVENT!! Find the Answers in Whatcha Doin' Today

Special event. Find the answers to the 5 questions and win a special  "pass" to 4MINUTE WORLD.
Answers must be send to
Event period: 2014-03-19 (Wed) ~ 24 (Sun) 00:00. Winner Announcement: 2014-03-26 via e-mail

4MINUTE - 오늘 뭐해 (Whatcha Doin' Today) (BTS: Music Video)

After School Image Madness; Dress to Kill Part 1