Thursday, March 27, 2014

Its 2014 the Year of Aegyo?

We remember 2013 because a lot of K-Pop girl groups released singles and/or MV with very sexy concepts.

K-Pop girls groups are very well know because of their "versatility". Girl groups jump from concept to concept according to the needs of the producers, girls or market. Its not strange that a girl group release a very cute MV and then, months later, release a very sexy MV. Or maybe a classy MV concept.

The firts 3 months of 2014 was marked with the "Aegyo" (cute) and classy concepts. Looks like sexy concepts MVs were left behind.  Groups like:  BESTie, A Pink, T-ARA, 1PS, TINT, Fresh Girls, Orange Caramel or even 4Minute have released cute, funny songs or ballads. Also Girls' Generation and 2NE1 have released strong classy songs and MVs.

Will this be the trend this year? Or will be just a few months trend? 

We will see some sexy concept MVs this year from "classic" sexy groups like 9Muses or SISTAR?  Will Miss A will release a classy or fierce MV this year? What about f(x), KARA or SPICA ?

Lets wait and see what happens in the next months.

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