Sunday, January 5, 2020

ANS(#에이엔에스) : "Say My Name" Teaser Video

NATURE(#네이처) : Selfies 227

GWSN(#공원소녀) : Selfies 363

(G)I-DLE (#(여자)아이들) : Selfies 203

CrystaL Clear - CLC(#씨엘씨) : Selfies Part 513

Happy Birthday Shuhua!!!

This January 6th (G)I-DLE's Taiwanse member Shuhua (Shu Hua) Is celebrating her 20th Birthday !!!

Happy Birthday Eun Bin !!!

This January 6th CLC's Eun Bin (Kwon Eun Bin) is celebrating her 21st Birthday! (Int. 20th)

Dream Note(#드림노트) : 3rd Single Album [Dream WISH] The Anecdote of DreamNote (Highlight Medley)