Friday, March 20, 2020

Nizi Project #9

ITZY(#있지) : Selfies 72

SATURDAY(#세러데이) : Selfies 98

WEKI MEKI(#위키미키) : Selfies Part 596

Fromis9 (#프로미스나인) : Selfies Part 300!

3YE(#써드아이): Selfies 5

Twice (#트와이스) : "Yes, I am Tzuyu" 1st Photobook

2020.03.23(MON) ~ 03.31(TUE)

Happy Birthday Minseo!!!

This March 21st SATURDAY's Maknae Minseo (Park Min Seo) is celebrating her 18th Birthday! (Int. 17th)

Happy 1st Anniversary EVERGLOW (#에버글로우) !!!

This March 21st the girls of EVERGLOW (에버글로우) are celebrating their 1st Anniversary!