Friday, October 17, 2014

MINX 'Q&A Event' Video Part.2

All: Hello. We're tomboy Minx.
JU: We did a special event last time. Did you enjoy watching it? Answers for questions event 2. Shall we start? Question sheet..
JU: Member that shows a fun reaction when she's surprised?
DM: JiU unnie is.
SY: Show us.
DM: I really like surprising people. I once surprised JiU unnie and unnie.. while going down the stairs went woah.
JU: When did I do that!
SY: Unnie really did do that. Woahh.. and sat down.
DM: You could hear her screams all the way to basement.
JU: What do the unnies (Minx) want to do with the fans the most?
SY: See your faces
SA: Have a fanmeeting near by..
JU: We hope for that.
JU: Biggest interest these days?
All: YOU
JU: I'm interested in you.
SA: We're constantly checking for new posts for us in the fancafe so we're interested in the posts everyone writes for us.
SY: What kinds of posts were there today?
YH: And leave "this" for us. [caption: Yoohyun-nim likes (it)]
DM: Likes?
YH: Thing that looks like this
SY: This.
JU: What was the most touching thing recently.
JU: Ah, that's right. During Music Bank, everyone's rooting chants was really (thumbs up).
SA: When we had our earphones on and was so hectic we're losing our minds, we felt really great from rooting sounds from far away.
JU: We totally got strength from that.
SA: That was the day we first showed the (skate)boards. We were really nervous..
SY: The strength we got was really..
SA: Bursting (thumbs up)
All: We love you. Thank you. Really.
JU: Among the members who are the ones with most aegyo and is sexiest? Shall we select 2 each and battle?
SY: The one that is left should be the judge?
JU: OK. Cute people. 2. Dami and Sua? Dami and Sua for the cute? Sexy member then?
DM&YH: JiU unnie and Siyeon.
YH: Ouch that hurts.
SA: Be the judge for us.
YH: Ah yes. I'll judge.
SA: Because Yoohyeon is cute and sexy. (SY repeat)
(Can't hear SuA over Yoohyeon's cute and sexy ear piercing laugh.)
YH: I'll be rendering judgement. Please come forward now.
DM: Is this a match?
YH: Of course it's a match.
YH: First contestant is SuA unnie. Ja..the eyes. 1,2,3
YH: The maknae. (Dami repeat) Ok. Here we go. 1,2,3
YH: Everyone pick one!
YH: It's a sexy match. Ja. Come forward. Ja.. start!
SY: I'm your rival. I think I've fallen for you. (JiU repeats)
YH: Now the next contestant Siyeon.
SY: I think I better untie my hair.
SA: ohh It's sexy, sexy.
YH: We'll do it. It's the eye contact. 2,3.
YH: You can't show too much.
SY: You wont fall for me even if I do this?
YH: And Yoohyeon did the MC'ing.
JU: Everyone we did a lot of answering to questions. How was it? Did you like it? (All Yes!)
JU: We, Minx, are preparing a lot of events outside of this as well so please participate a lot. (repeat)
JU: Until now it's been tomboy, Minx.

Translation by Youtube user esRicardox 

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