Friday, March 3, 2017

Girl Group "Real Girls Project (R.G.P)" Drama debut

Girl Group "Real Girls Project (R.G.P)" star in the story of a group of trainees who dream of becoming idols, the Korean drama "Idolm@ster.KR - Dream"  airing on SBS Plus, SBS funE, and SBS MTV! First episode airs Friday, April 28!

The birth of a new kind of drama - Drama, art, and music, all in one!

The birth of something new—The drama ‘Idolm@ster.KR – Dream (referred to below as ‘Idolm@ster.KR’)’ (script by Hyemi Shin, Youngshil Won / directed by Chanyool Park / produced by IMX) has confirmed it will air across three channels: drama channel SBS Plus, art channel SBS funE, and music channel SBS MTV.

The drama—based on the well-known Japanese game series ‘Idolm@ster’—stars actors Sung Hoon, Chul-min Park, and the girl group ‘Real Girls Project (R.G.P), telling the story of a group of trainees who dream of becoming idols.

The roles of the producer and entertainment agency president are played by Sung Hoon and Chul-min Park, respectively, while the trainees were selected with the help of fans on social media after surviving two rounds of auditions and an idol boot camp. After being cast, the girls each received approximately six months of lessons. The girls’ roles in the screenplay all reflect their actual character; the drama will capture their activities and growth as idols.

Capturing the hearts of their fans, 'Idolm@ster.KR' opened its official Japanese site this past Tuesday, February 28, and will hold a live performance in Tokyo's 'ZEPP DiverCity' on Friday, April 7, dubbed 'The Idolm@ster.KR's 1st St@ge in Japan'. Not only that, but a live shoot is also scheduled in Korea.
With a fresh new story and a solid fan base, the drama's potential for greatness is clear, and everyone will be watching to see how 'Idolm@ster.KR' attracts global viewers this April.

‘Idolm@ster.KR – Dream’ will air once a week for 24 consecutive weeks, starting at 6:30 PM on Friday, April 28 on SBS funE. It will be broadcasted again the same day at 11:00 PM on SBS Plus, and 11:00 AM on Sunday, April 30 on SBS MTV.

Source: Offical RGP Facebook.

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