Tuesday, June 3, 2014

KARA Project First Round: Young Ji Winner

The first official result of KARA Project are here and are very interesting.

This first Round was won by Young Ji. She got the lowest score with judges (experts), but also got almost a perfect score with the fans.

Young Ji seems to be very solid with the fans right now, if she have good performances and dont make great mistakes in the future she can grab a spot in KARA for sure.

Very close to Young Ji is So Min. She dont have the total symphaty of  fans, but its very solid with the Judges. But So Min's big rival its not Young Ji, her rival now its Chae Kyung, the girl with perfect score with Judges and 3th place this Round. Chae Kyung its not so popular with the "local" fans now, but she got a lot of Global Votes. Chae Kyung its dangerous.

This is just the first Round, lets see how much this change after this week KARA Project Show.

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